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Family F2A I-130 Petitions Current for August 2013

by JP Sarmiento on July 16, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Family F2A I-130 Petitions are current for August 2014.


  1. You are a permanent resident and have a spouse who is not yet a permanent resident and is in status in the U.S.
  2. You are a permanent resident and your spouse is back home.
  3. You are a permanent resident and have minor children who are not yet permanent residents and are in the U.S. in status. OR
  4. You are a permanent resident and have minor children back home.

… this major development should help in a big way.

This is great news for permanent residents who wish to petition (or have petitioned) a spouse and or minor children. Being able to file for adjustment of status (green card) because priority dates are current is very important news because applicants, even if priority dates retrogress, would be able to file for a WORK PERMIT (and keep extending them) while waiting for their permanent residency. This obviously gives the applicant / beneficiary the ability to work legally, have a valid state ID, and driver’s license.

So what are Family F2A Petitions.


One, those filed by a green card holder (lawful permanent resident)  to a spouse.

Two, those filed by a green card holder to a minor child.

What does being “current” mean?

Typically, for Family  F2A Petitions, you first file the I-130 petition, then you wait, depending on which country you are from, for priority dates (based on the visa bulletin) to be available. There was a time it was a four year wait, then eventually a two year wait, until now when it just became current. After priority dates become “current”, that’s when immigrant visa processing starts, or, if the beneficiary is here and is eligible (245i or maintained status), someone can apply for adjustment of status (green card).

If priority dates become “current”, then the wait time is over. For those eligible, the petition and adjustment of status application could be filed simultaneously. For those whose beneficiaries are abroad (spouse or minor children), let’s say the “current status” of the F2A category lasts several months, then your spouse or children could immigrate within the next few months hopefully, compared to having to wait 2 years (or even 4 years as it was way back).

So I hope this gives great news to some of you.  I know some beneficiaries have been waiting for their priority dates to be current, or waiting for their spouse to be a US Citizen, so that they may get a work permit, or apply for adjustment of status, or come to the United States, depending on the case. I hope this provides some actionable news, and help some of you to reunite with certain family members sooner.

Feel free to email me back, or call me at (216) 573-3712, if I may be of any help.

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