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Post image for Motion to Reopen and Rescind an In Absentia Order of Removal Based on Exceptional Circumstances Granted for Bahamian Client in Miami Florida

CASE: Motion to Reopen and Rescind an In Absentia Order of Removal Based on Exceptional Circumstances
CLIENT: Bahamian
LOCATION: Miami, Florida

Our client was from the Bahamas and is a lawful permanent resident.  She was placed into removal proceedings due to a criminal conviction which she has tried to vacate for the last couple years. After removal proceedings were initiated, our client attended her master calendar hearings.

However, in July 2015, our client was in a great deal of pain and was admitted to the emergency room for a week.  Our client got very sick, especially on the master calendar hearing date. Eventually, she did not appear before the Court on her master calendar hearing date.   Because of her absence, an order of removal was issued against her. Once she learned about the order of removal, she immediately contacted our office and explained to us that why she was not able to attend the hearing.

Our client contacted and retained our office on August 20, 2015 for the Motion to Reopen and Rescind an in absentia order.  After we analyzed her story and the surrounding circumstances, our office determined that the Immigration Court will likely grant our client’s Motion to Reopen and Rescind an in absentia order based on exceptional circumstances.

In the Motion, we contended that our client could not attend the hearing due to her medical condition and her absence was inevitable due to the medical condition.  Our office included supporting documents such as a doctor’s letter, copy of prescription, and other supporting documents.  Eventually, our office filed the Motion on September 30, 2015 within the statutory time frame.  On November 3, 2015, the Miami Immigration Court granted our client’s Motion and rescinded the order of removal.  Our client’s case is re-opened, and she can now pursue her relief again.


Post image for Marriage Based Green Card Approval for Bahaman Client in Columbus Ohio

CASE: Marriage-Based Green Card
CLIENT: Bahaman
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio

Our client came to the United States in May 2008 with a B-2 visitor’s visa from the Bahamas. He married a U.S. Citizen in July 2008.  Even after his authorized stay period expired in November 2008, our client has remained in the United States.

Our client retained our office on February 24, 2012 for his petition and adjustment of status application. Our firm prepared and filed the I-130 petition and I-485 adjustment of status application on July 13, 2012. Everything went smoothly and the receipt notices, fingerprint appointment, and work permits all came on time. There were no requests for evidence.

Prior to the interview, we thoroughly prepared our clients through conference call.  On November 16, 2012, our client was interviewed at the Columbus, Ohio USCIS office.  On the same day, his green card application was approved.


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